Tickets only $20 from the Regent Theatre, or ONLINE

Tickets only $20 from the Regent Theatre, or ONLINE

Captivating audiences over 200 times per year to sell out events in New Zealand, Australia & Internationally, renowned neuroscience educator, Nathan Wallis brings his talk "The Developing Brain" to Hokitika.

Nathan Wallis provides an informative narrative on how our day-to-day interactions with children and young people, significantly the early years, plays a critical role in defining later outcomes for our children and for our future.

With a profound reputation as a lively and engaging speaker, Nathan uses humour and plain language to make this complex topic burst into life. So, here’s your chance to get all the latest research from a valid source, in a way that’s made to make sense.

In this presentation, Nathan will guide you through the stages of brain development that happen across childhood, which is a lot longer than you think. Nathan will reveal little tricks to make parenting easier, and help you open up communication with your child in a way that actually gets them to listen, develop & grow, and even like you more!

You will walk away understanding how yours and your child’s brain work, so you know that a lot of it is normal development and not in fact your fault – Phew!

This talk is for those parents or caregivers who want a quick snapshot of brain development. Now don’t worry about not being able to understand it! While Nathan has all the qualifications and academic creed, he comes from a background of being a foster child, father of three, grandfather of two and foster parent to many. His unique “tell you how it is” style will have you captivated, and you will walk away jam-packed with “ah-ha” moments.

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MountainFilm On Tour

Wednesday 1st May 2019 7.30pm

Tickets avaiable from the theatre or online at our web site


MOUNTAINFILM ON TOUR is back! The 2019 Mountainfilm on Tour features the best short
films from the annual Mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado. One word sets Mountainfilm
apart from other tours - HEART. Join us for a celebration of adventure, environment and the
human spirit.

This year’s film selection includes an awesome mix of short documentaries featuring the likes of
climber Alex Honnold, ultra runner Kilian Jornet as well as mountaineering, mountain biking,
expedition travel, cultural and environmental stories. This is an event to inspire you to take on
the world and experience all it has to offer.



The Big Bike Night

Wednesday 22 May 2019 7pm

Tickets $20.00 - avaiable online and at the theatre

Prepare to be inspired! The Big Bike Film Night is on a mission sharing the best cycling short films from around the world with you. Showcasing our 2019 collection that has everything a cycling-centric audience could want- action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is going to be unashamedly, unequivocally, and utterly Bike-alicious!
Our treasure chest of stories includes... a spectacle of winter with the icy playground providing a visual journey as never seen before by bike; a fixie rider who commits a crime of passion; five friends with disabilities attempting a world first human powered ride from Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre 2150km to Mount Kosciuszko in Australia (what could possibly go wrong?); a New Zealander who has a two wheel love story to share; a heart-warming documentary about a ‘community mother’ who runs a bicycle training program for migrant and refugee women in Amsterdam; and two pioneering mountain bikers undertaking an adventure in wild and unknown landscapes, riding only horse trails, in heartland Africa; ALL in the mix!! These short films are a great reminder of why we love to ride our bike; with stories that captivate us, stories that make us think, and most importantly of all- stories that inspire us to get out and ride. Tales of character, resilience, challenge, courage, triumphs over adversity and much much more. So...listen to the voice inside you; it’s telling you to go. Grab your mates, grab your tickets, GO ON… grab your bike and come along for the ride!! ALL BIKES.

International Ocean Film Tour

Wednesday 5th June 2019 7.30pm

Tickets avaiable at the theatre and online at our web site -


The blue wonder on the big screen—the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR presents the captivating sea in all its diversity and beauty. This exclusive program consists of six visually stunning documentary films
and has a total runtime of two hours.
The Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR takes the viewer on a wondrous voyage of the cosmic ocean, well beyond ordinary
cinema. The protagonists rollick on and under the water, showing what’s possible with a board under
their feet, daringly defying the forces of nature, and arousing a desire to heed the call of the sea. Every year,
the Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR also promotes an environmental policy focus, providing inspiring messages
to take action and protect our natural resources.
Beginning in March 2018, the International OCEAN FILM TOUR Vol. 5 will embark on a world tour
with over 130 events across Europe, Australia, and the U.S.